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What's Happening at HCPS?

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At The Honolulu Christian Preschool, we strive for excellence. One indispensable aspect of excellence is good communication. Please let us know if you don't see something that should be here. God Bless You!

   Our Curriculum and emphasis for this Summer 2019 will be on "ROAR!  Life is wild, God is good".  Every day the children are enagaged in Worship through song and dance, and learning powerful lessons through our daily bible stories and weekly memory verses.  Each new lesson sheds new light on Gods' awesome power in practical ways to help us realize that God is still active in our everyday lives.  The children are engaged in group activities with hands-on learning and go on Educational Field Trips that relate to this particular unit of study that they are learning at the time.      Our first and foremost Roaring mascot "Mack the Rhino" taught us; when life is unfair ... God is good!  Our second Roaring mascot "Hooper the Hoopoe bird" taught us; when life is scary ... God is good!  Our third Roaring mascot " Marge the Cape Buffalo" taught us; when life changes ... God is good!  Our fourth Roaring mascot "Zion the Lion" taught us; when life is sad ... God is good!  Our Our Final Roaring mascot this week "Savanna the Giraffee" taught us; when life is good ... God is good!