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What's Happening at HCPS?

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At The Honolulu Christian Preschool, we strive for excellence. One indispensable aspect of excellence is good communication. Please let us know if you don't see something that should be here. God Bless You!


The children sang and danced to songs not only from their seats, but they were invited to perform on stage with him and his son at the Hawaii Theatre. Keeping the beat and making the moves the keiki were the real stars that stole the show!!!



In celebration of Children’s Day, adorning the classes were artistically created flying fish with many colors and patterns. The carp symbolize courage and strength.

Incorporating science, math and our senses, the chidlren measured, mixed, rolled, flattened, filled and pinched their dough mixture, getting it ready to bake. They later enjoyed eating their hand crafted azuki bean filled manju for  in celebration of Children’s Day.



Obstacle Course:

The rain brought us indoor for our field day.  The keiki crawled like ants through a tunnel, jumped like grasshoppers on the trampoline, waddled like ducks in and out of cones, leaped like frogs through hula hoops, swam like fish and ran like mongoose to the finish line.